Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vintage 1953 Sheila Graham's Hollywood Yearbook Magazine (#1027)

This is a Sheila Graham's Hollywood Yearbook, Issue 1953: Features Liz taylor on the cover. INSIDE---
Marriage of the Year: "Our first six months were divine!" Liz Taylor
Crack-up of the Year: "The shocking story John Wayne couldn't tell."
Sensation of the Year: "What Marilyn Monroe hid."

Vintage Heavy Brushed Cotton White Elegant Ladies Glove with Lace Design (#1026)

This is an elegant pair of white vintage heavy brushed cotton or polyester ladies gloves for small, size 6  hands.

They girth measure approximately 6 ";  and it measures 12 3/4" in length- from the top of the middle finger to where the end of the glove lays on the arm. It can probably fit someone who wears a size 6 1/2  glove because the fabric stretches a bit. 

Pretty Size 11 Embellished Eggshell Beaded Sequin Wedge Sandals w/ Lace Ties (#1025)

This is pair of preowned Size 11 Eggshell Beaded, Sequin Wedge Sandals with Ribbon lace ties that wrap up the leg. They are perfect for almost any occasion. They will be great for a wedding or could dress up a pair of jeans. These are in good condition. See photos for details. Shoes may need some light cleaning.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

MCCALL'S MAGAZINE SEPTEMBER 1939 : Three Magazines in One (#1024)

This is a Vintage MCcall's Magazine, Issue September 1939: Three Magazines in One, Beginning the Man I Love by Norma Patterson, "Plus a Complete Novel in This Issue"

Also, great vintage ads.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Vintage Soft Leather White Ecru Opera Ladies Glove (#1023)

This is a lovely pair of white/ecru vintage soft leather opera gloves for small under size 6 hands. They close on the wrist with three pearlescent buttons. The leather is very thin and may need to be handled with care.

LOT OF 4 Vintage 1960s magazines LIFE & LOOK VINTAGE ADVERTISEMENTS (#1022)

This is a lot of four Vintage 1960s magazines. The lot includes three LIFE magazines and one LOOK magazine.  Includes LIFE & LOOK VINTAGE ADVERTISEMENTS.

1.) LIFE, February 3, 1961: Grandest Tour: Elizabeth in India
2.) LIFE, April 28, 1961: Elizabeth Taylor: An Oscar at Last
3.) LIFE, October 20, 1967: U.S. Prisoners in North Vietnam (And Visits With Their Families at Home)
4.) LOOK, May 9, 1961: Inside Kennedy's Election (From a new book by James Michener who says: Religion nearly beat Kennedy; Rockefeller could have won easily; Ike could have elected Nixon

Vintage Nylon Baby Pink Ladies Glove (#1021)

This is a pretty pair of baby pink vintage nylon gloves for small, size 6 to 7 hands.

They girth measure approximately 6 ";  and it measures 8 3/4" in length- from the top of the middle finger to where the end of the glove lays on the wrist.It can probably fit someone who wears a size 6 1/2 to 7 glove because the fabric strecthes a bit. Also, the gloves' design has a split on each wrist as shown in photo above. 

Vintage Nylon Soft Washed Pink Opera Ladies Glove (#1020)

This is a pretty pair of baby washed out ( faint color) pink vintage nylon opera gloves for small, size 6 to 7 hands.

They girth measure approximately 6 1/4 ";  and it measures 14 3/4" in length- from the top of the middle finger to where the end of the glove lays on the arm.It can probably fit someone who wears a size 6 1/2  glove because the fabric stretches a bit. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Size 11 Nine West Black Patent Leather Sling Back Peep Toe Heels (#1019)---SOLD

These are a pair of size 11 pre owned Nine West Patent Leather Open Toe Kitten Heels.

Vintage Lilac Purple Ladies Glove (#1018)

This is a pretty pair of lilac/purple vintage gloves for small, size 6 hands.

They measure differently for each glove. The left hand measures 6 3/8" in width- when measuring tape is wrapped around the entire glove while excluding the thumb portion of the glove;  and it measures 7 3/4" in length- from the top of the middle finger to where the end of the glove lays on the wrist. The right hand measures 6 1/4" all around and 8 3/4" from middle finger to where the end of the glove lays on the wrist. The gloves were possibly custom made to fit the hands of the previous owner, considering right and left limbs typically differ in size. 

Size 11 SOFFT Burgundy Wine Patent Leather Open Toe Wedge Sandals (#1017)

This is pair of preowned Sofft Size 11 Burgundy/Wine and Gold Open Toe Wedge Sandals. They are perfect for the office, casual or after five occasions. They are in good condition.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rare Hand Blown Fused Art Glass Plate with Parrot Design (#1015)

This is a unique pretty hand blown fused art glass plate with a parrot design. The plate does not have a perfect round shape, rather, a shape circumferencing the design as shown in photo below. Some edges of the plate is even sharp due to where the design's edges  lands within the glass. There are imperfections in the glass making process such as dimples, bubbles and even some clouds as shown on the bottom of plate.

Heavy Blue Vintage Hand Blown Art Glass Ashtray Bowl Pontil (#1014)

This is a heavy vintage hand blown glass ashtray bowl. There is a pontil mark on the base. The roughness on the base is the pontil mark that comes from glass being handblown and broken off the stick at the end of the blowing process. I am unsure of the date on this one. But it is beautiful and in excellent condition. There is two place settings for a cigar or cigarette to be seated.

Unique Vintage Bowling Pin Heavy Sommerso Purple Turquoise Art Glass Vase (#1013)

This is a lovely unique heavy vintage sommerso purple and turquoise art glass vase. I do not know who the vase is by but I have not seen its duplicate. Similar works are by Flavio Poli for Archimede Seguso.

Rare Scandinavian 10 lb Signed R. Austie Heavy Block Geode Cased Art Glass Bowl (#1012)

This is an extremely rare signed Scandinavian 10 pound art glass geode bowl signed by R. Austie or R. Austin. I have only seen a couple other art glass pieces by this glass artist. All designs differ. It is in my opinion that is a mid century piece because of it isometric design and because it previously belonged to a mid century modern glass and art collector. The designer may be long gone. I am not sure. It also has a ripple design encased in the middle that gives the appearance that the glass has two sides. This is a rare, collectible piece!

Vintage Oblong Heavy Cased Thick Blue Swirl Stripe Art Glass Vase (#1011)

This is a unique heavy thick cased vintage oblong blue swirl strand glass vase, possibly scandinavian.

Measures 6 3/8 " tall, 2 " across top, 3" wide, approximately 3" on base.

Vintage Fenton Hobnail White Clear Opalescent Basket (#1010)

This is a vintage Fenton hobnail white clear opalescent basket. The basket ruffled on the edges. From basket-handle to base it measures approximately 7 3/4  inches in height, 7 1/8 inches wide, 5 1/2 inches width in opposite direction. The base foot is 2 7/8 inches.   

Vintage Fenton Milk Glass White Hobnail Six Candle Holder (#1009)

This is a vintage Fenton hobnail white milk glass candle holder in impeccable pre owned condition. It has 6 slots for tapers candles. No chips, and no scratches.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

History of Murano Glass

Glassmaking in Murano comes from a common thread in Venetian history - the status of the settlement as a bridge between west and east. Glassmaking was an art that had reached a height in the countries of the Middle East - particularly in Syria, Egypt and Palestine - and Venice, looking outwards to the sea as always, was fertile soil for the specialised skills of the trade.

As Venice's trade grew with the Orient, typified by the journeys of Marco Polo and his uncles, so the skills from that area began to flow - along with the trade goods - along the return route.

This is not to say, however, that glass was an unknown quantity in Italy before this time. The Romans had used glass - cut from a moulded piece rather than blown - for illumination in bathhouses. And what was probably one of the first glass furnaces on a Venetian island - dating from the 8th century, so archaeologists think - was discovered in the 1960s. Not on Murano, however, but on its more important neighbour in those days, the island of Torcello.

The fact that glass-blowing was more an Eastern skill than a European one played in Venice's favour as it, along with its bitter rival, Genoa, had the best connections to that area.

The Development of Murano

Many sources suggest that glassmaking was concentrated on the island of Murano because of the risk of fire from the furnaces on the more heavily populated areas of Rivo Alto and Dorsoduro. However, it is also highly likely that the industry was easier to control and influence when it was in one particular place.

As with the Arsenale, the Venetian authorities aimed to reward and guard a vital industry by keeping it comfortable within a "gilded cage". Incentives and conditions for workers and employers were strictly regulated by the administrators of the government body controlling the glassmaking industry.

And for a long time workers who left the island were forbidden from ever working again within the industry on Murano - a measure taken to stop the outflow of secrets and skills from the island.

Whatever the reasons for the concentration of glassmakers within such a small area, the effect was a tremendous cross-fertilisation of ideas which led to the leading role of Venetian glass within Europe.

Vintage Scandinavian Flygsfors Green Clear Cased Art Glass Bowl (#1008)--SOLD

This is a Scandinavian Flygsfors vintage green cased art glass bowl which was purchased from an estate... 


This is heavy vintage cased cobalt blue art glass vase by Krosno Poland with a bubble cased in a clear base bottom.
Measures 8 inches tall, 4 1/4" across top, 2 7/8" on base.
It's in excellent condition with small flea bites on base as shown above. 

Ornate Stained Glass Flower Butterfly Candle holder (#1006)

This is such a pretty colorful ornate vintage stained glass candle holder, the spiral metal framed is fused with stained glass  pink and red flowers and a orange and pink two-tone butterfly. Seated in the middle is a fluted clear crackle glass candle holder. The piece has a leaning effect due to the spiral design as shown in photo above. It stands at 7 3/4 inches tall, has a 4 inch base, and is 2 inches wide on top.

Vintage CRISTAL Perfume Bottle~Beautiful French Lady w/Hat/Front-VCA Made FRANCE (#1005)

This is an adorable vintage crystal perfume bottle which was made in France. The bottle 's base is marked "Cristal Bottle, Made FRANCE by VCA". There is a beautiful silhouette  portrait of a French woman wearing a hat as shown in photo above. It stands at 2 7/8 inches tall with top, and approximately 2 1/2 inches wide.

1950-1969 12 x14in Original Portrait Painting Signed by Benson (#1004)

This is a gorgeous painting by Benson. I have had it in my possession for several years. It features a scene of seagulls flying over possibly beach water. The painting itself is possibly 8 x11. With frame it measures 12 1/2 by 14 1/2. It's in excellent condition. I believe the medium is acrylic or oil.The texture is raised to create the grassy features. This is a favorite amongst my collection of approximately thirty paintings. It's such a tranquil, collectible piece.

Original Life Magazine July 7, 1972 George McGovern (#1003)

This listing is for an authentic vintage issue of LIFE Magazine. This is the issue for July 7, 1972. ON THE COVER"GEORGE McGOVERN TALKS"


SUPER QUALITY CRYSTAL CUT WINE GLASS. PROBABLY RUSSIAN CRYSTAL, BUT NOT SURE. These beautiful wine glasses are 7 3/4 inches high and 2 3/4" across the top rim. There is a design of  a pinwheel with a star in the center on one side of the glass and a waffle or diamond shape pattern on the other. This 2-glass set is perfect for a romantic occasion or serves as a great wedding gift.

Italian Clear Weighted Block Glass Vase (#1001)

Very Heavy, Contemporary Pressed- Glass Block Vase. Signed Made In Italy, Large Elegant Clear Italian Glass Decor Vase. Measures Approximately 9"h x 5 1/4" top x 3 1/2" base
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