Saturday, June 4, 2016

Decorate with old glass bottles

Decorating with art goes beyond hanging a painting. In fact, the possibilities are limitless. Keep your white walls bare and decorate with colorful glass, better yet, take your time and collect old glass bottles. Your collection can be an assortment of different colors- shades from light to dark, various textures or you can even locate different lengths. Display the vintage bottles in a windowsill and watch the sunlight beam in. This fun way of creating an art display in your home will cheer your spirit because not only will you enjoy the view, but you will feel a sense of accomplishment after curating such an exciting new collection, one full of character.

Where to get them?

  • Try browsing different thrift stores and antique shops. Start with the one you love then continue to add on to your collection from there.
  • Ebay and Etsy has tons- some more fanciful than others. The sky is the limit. Bottles can be purchased anywhere from a couple bucks to thousands of dollars. 
  • If you want the look without a lengthy search, try your local Christmas Tree Shop or sites like Amazon. Bottles can come is an assortment of colors. 
Happy Bottle Collecting,

Donna Classey


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